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Kennels and K9's Disinfection Services

Dogs in a kennel

Puppies in a kennel

Dogs in a kennel

Three German Shepherds Relaxing on Lawn

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Boarding kennels and K9 holding areas are a passion of ours, having grown up showing and training dogs. Having worked and trained with K9 units overseas brings an understanding of the environmental exposure risks, whether the dogs are working, resting, or playing.

Our pets and partner K9s come into contact with, and carry, a number of viruses and bacteria. Static and standing dwellings are prime environments for harmful microorganisms to thrive. Our process effectively kills 99.9999% of viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungi without leaving a residue and is completely non-toxic to animals after treatment.

Standard indoor disinfection is performed via our proven fogging method; however, we can also provide outdoor disinfection through a variety of methods, depending on our clients needs.

Pathogend's bio-decontamination methods are an excellent complement to our clients already high cleansing standards, further eliminating exposure to harmful microorganisms by our canine loved ones and coworkers.