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Residential Disinfection




Improve Your Quality of Life, Save Time, Save Money

Whether you are moving into a previously owned home, or need to medically disinfect your own home to cut down on illnesses spreading through your family, Pathogend can help. Our safe, eco-friendly formula travels to every air pocket in your home, without leaving any residue in its wake, disinfecting every surface as well as the very air you breathe.

Our solution is perfect for:

  • New homeowners looking to rid their home of smells from the previous owners
  • Elimination of odors from pets or smoking
  • Parents looking to disinfect their house and get it ready to bring a new baby home
  • Parents with young children in the home looking to prevent illness in the home
  • Those caring for a person in the home with a weakened immune system (going through chemotherapy, radiation, recent surgery, etc.)

Let us provide a healthier environment for your whole family!