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Will Acuff

It is with much enthusiasm that I am writing to recommend the services of Pathogend of Georgia. I used Pathogend when I recently moved into a new apartment and they came out and fogged it. The technician used an ATP meter (or "germ counter") to show me first hand just how many germs were on our inside door. I was shocked at how high the count was on a door we used many times a day. There was no telling who the previous tenants were and what germs they left behind. In just about 30 minutes, he had my room and bathroom fogged and disinfected. This gives me peace of mind and confidence heading into this cold and flu season. With unbeatable customer service and such competitive prices, I stand by and will always recommend their service for you.

Phillipson family

We had a bed bug problem after a child went to summer camp. We had Vince come out and treat the bedrooms, they were gone the next day. We had to do some basic washing but the process killed the bugs and they have not returned. This is a awesome service and an excellent product. We will definitely recommend Pathogend to our friends in need.

Miles M.

Our daughter, who needed Ventricular septal defect (VSD) repair was still at the hospital. The Children’s hospital told us, to make sure everything was cleaned at home because, her immune system would be weakened. My wife has a surgeon friend in Atlanta and she called him to ask the best way to clean our home before, our baby girl came home. He explained to her that he has a company called Pathogend that comes to his three surgical suites locations in the Atlanta and they disinfect all of his OR suites and patient holding rooms, monthly. Her friend said, they even had a germ counter to prove how clean the OR was after the disinfected. He explains they use a hospital grade hydrogen peroxide fog that does whole room disinfected. After he gave her the contact information, I then called Pathogend. After they explain the process to me, they came out laser measure our residents, to ensure they have the proper amount of peroxide solution to completely do a whole room disinfect. They also explained they wipe down touch areas where some the biofilm could be lurking. When Pathogend arrived, with only a 24 hour notice they started to disinfect our house from the bedrooms upstairs to the basement floor. Paying close attention and wipe down all the bathrooms, kitchen area and all the high touch areas. It took them about a half a day. But when I came back home, I cannot believe how fresh the house smelled. My wife even stated, she thought it looked brighter. I would highly recommend Pathogend to disinfect anyone's home, daycare or even love one’s nursing home. It was well worth the investment for my daughter’s health.

Chris Kehl

Vince came by my home in record time because we have children with allergies and he was able to confirm we do NOT have a mold or other airborne pathogen issue. He actually guided my wife and I to less costly tests then we asked for, demonstrating his impeccable integrity. His personal knowledge in healthcare as well as his military experiences mean he's always a trusted partner.

Brandon Cockrell

Vince came out short notice to disinfect our house before we brought our newborn home. He was incredible and it literally felt like he was done in no time. Also, it was seamless and hassle free for us, we didn't have to do anything. Having him come out to our home allowed us to be confident that we were bringing our child home to a more safe environment!

Mike J.

When you first arrived at our home, my wife, Erin, and I were surprised by all of the detail and information you shared with us. In addition, your attention to detail was most helpful when you found the start of mold growing in our basement. In just four hours, our entire home was disinfected and free of mold.

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Valarie P.

Vince has been working with us for the past month to medically disinfect our home after repeated illness in our household. His knowledge and attention to detail have aided in making our home germ free.

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Kristen S.

Vince drove all the way from GA to NC to help us out. So many people at our work have been getting sick and we didn't know what else to do. Vince was SO knowledgeable and kind. He did before and after pictures with trash, disgusting doors, and the test strip to show the fog actually worked. We are OVER JOYED and are all breathing clean sterile air now! Thank you Pathogend.

PF Plumbing

A HUGE thank you to Vince with Pathogend of Georgia for sterilizing our office of 99.9999% of its germs! So long to the Winter cold and flu and HELLO Spring! If you are looking for a way to help your employees, businesses, school, daycare, hospital... He does it ALL! We here at PF Plumbing love our employees and do all that we can do keep them healthy! Call Vince today! He is SUPER friendly and knowledgeable. PF Plumbing highly recommends him!

Andrea M.

​We used Pathogend to "debug" our camper that had developed an infestation while sitting empty for a while. It was so simple and took hardly any time at all. No residue, no smell. That was over 6 months ago and not one bug has been seen! I highly recommend this company! They were very knowledgable about the product and the process. Seriously, NOT ONE BUG!!!!

Erin J.

We used Pathogend to clean my 93 year old grandmother's living quarters after a C. Diff infection. They were very thorough and we feel much more comfortable now that her place is clean

Michael J.

My wife and I had a baby, very exciting. While at the hospital we had a sewage over flow.....I only trust Pathogend of Georgia. They made sure everything was safe for the arrival of the new baby.

Jeff W., National Guard

I am currently assigned as a Medical Readiness Officer in the military. The need arose to disinfect our clinic. Fortunately I was able to find out about Pathogend of Georgia and utilize their services. Their customer service was excellent. The clinic was disinfected in a few hours and ready to use shortly after the process was completed. There was no foul odor, no residue on the equipment, and none of the patients or staff complained of any interruptions of the days planned schedule.

Elizabeth H., Rockdale Medical Center

I am pleased to recommend Pathogend to anyone who is concerned with germs in any setting. The care and services provided by the company are outstanding. Vince has great knowledge and expertise regarding the concerns we had in the Emergency Department. He spent time with the staff, environmental groups, and our administrative leadership covering the organisms found and proper cleaning techniques.

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Rockdale Medical Center

Jessica N., Stepping Stones Academy

Pathogend of Georgia serviced our daycare, Stepping Stones Academy. Pathogend disinfected our facility and had the reports of the results on Monday! They even put a sticky pad at the entrance to the infant room to collect dirt from the parents' shoes. We put our full trust in this company and are so happy with the results... making our center a safer place for our children.